In 2006 Seema Kapur, artist, teacher and yoga student walked into a local Los Angeles school and volunteered to teach yoga. Two years later Seema founded Sat Naam to meet the yoga needs of the growing community. In the seven years since then, Sat Naam has served over 5,000 children with it’s Yoga In schools Program. 

Having grown up in rural Wisconsin, to parents from India, Seema was familiar with the feelings of isolation felt by many in underserved communities in Los Angeles. This was magnified by her own experiences in yoga classes around the city. Where she was often the only person of color.

Through Sat Naam, Seema continues to make yoga accessible to people of all ages, body types and socio-economic backgrounds. She believes that regardless of these factors, everyone needs a supportive environment to explore his or her potential. Art and yoga are some of the tools she uses to create that space for herself.



With a background in creative marketing and project management, Cecilia now oversees the development and implementation of Sat Naam's programs in schools all across Los Angeles. Her passion for teaching, education and child development is critical to Sat Naam's success. She is responsible for the recruitment and placement of teachers within the growing network of schools utilizing Sat Naam's programs.



Chelsea got her start as a multimedia journalist covering Los Angeles news as well as working with local-area artists and activists to tell stories focused on issues of public policy, homelessness, mental health, and education. After completing her 250 hour yoga certification Chelsea dedicated her energy to merging her love for yoga, social activism, and education to benefit organizations and causes like Sat Naam. She currently teaches yoga to Kindergarten through fifth grade students and manages social media and digital outreach for Sat Naam.